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Ujalapoint is an e-commerce based online shop and trusted store
for Smartphone & smart Gadgets.

In the 21st century the era of globalization, people are connected all over the world virtually. Everything is near your hand just with some clicks. To make your’s smart life easy and comfortable we have arranged a versatile store in the heart center of Cumiila and to reach every corner we have beautiful mobile friendly online store. We are very committed to provide you our best service and make you feel of trust with our product. We have largest collection of smartphones and accessories whatever you need. We’re also very committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower people.

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Discover Ujalapoint's Journey

August 2008
We started our journey and inaugurated to give you best service on 5th August 2008
February 2018
We came up with a beautiful and versatile store to give you interactive service.
September 2019
Planned to reach every corner throughout the country by oneline platform.
May 2020
We launched an online platform names ujalapoint. We want to connect you through virtual platform with our service.

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